Congratulations on being selected to attend Camp RYLA. It will be a life changing experience for you. To attend Camp RYLA, it is important that you read and follow the instructions below in completing and submitting your application.

  1. All applications must be filled in on-line or typed. No handwritten applications will be accepted.
  2. All applicable information must be filled in. If a section calls for information that is not applicable to you please insert "N/A".
  3. If you are taking any prescription medication you must furnish the name of the medication, the dosage and how often it is taken.
  4. Your parent(s) or guardian(s) must have their signature notarized.
  5. Applications submitted without being notarized will be rejected.
  6. You must turn in your completed, signed and notarized application to your sponsoring Rotary Club.

If you have any questions regarding Camp RYLA 2019 please contact: 

Your sponsoring Rotary Club, Or Camp RYLA Co-Chairs,
Babs Coggins or Eddie Fernandez at 


This Application has a Total of 8 Pages.

  • All must be completed & submitted.
  • $25 Non-Refundable Reservation must be attached with the application.
  • If child participates / attends Camp RYLA 2019, the check will be returned.
  • Applications must be received by deadline!!!

Absolutely no walk-in applications will be accepted on the first day of camp.